How to deposit at Tg777

To experience high-class betting games, players need to make a deposit at Tg777. The following article by Tg777 will provide readers with the most important information surrounding the issue of depositing money.

Detailed instructions on how to Make an online deposit at TG777

  1. After the member is logged in, click “Account Recharge” in the member menu.
  2. Select the deposit amount, and fill in a valid contact number (if there is any problem with the payment, the customer service staff can contact you immediately.)
  3. Select “Payment Bank or Third Party Channel (Incoming Bank)”
  4. After confirming the sending, the online banking page will be loaded, and the account data will be encrypted and transmitted, please be patient.
  5. After entering the online banking page, make sure to fill in your bank account information. Once the payment is successful, the quota will be added to your Tg777 member account immediately.

Deposit At Tg777 Notes:

  1. The minimum single deposit amount is ₱100, and the maximum deposit amount is ₱100000.
  2. For members who have not yet activated online banking, please contact your bank counter in person.
  3. If you have any questions, please contact Tg777 24-hour online customer service. Or contact by customer service phone number, customer service mailbox, or anonymous QQ on the home page.